I have had the pleasure of performing for many types of events over the last 23 years.

Public Concerts, Weddings, Country Clubs, Birthday and Anniversary Celebrations and so much more.


The following are just a few of my great memories performing as FRANK SINATRA.

Former Speaker Newt Gingrich
I performed at a Fund-Raiser Gala for former Speaker Of The House Newt Gingrich.
FOX29 Philadelphia
I walked on air to sing to Fox29's Traffic Reporter Bob Kelly for his birthday. He is a big Sinatra fan!.
Performing on The Philadelphia Belle a dinner cruise around Philadelphia within a beautiful ballroom setting.
SINATRA'S Birthplace, Hoboken N.J.
I visited Sinatra's Birthplace while performing a few blocks away.
SINATRA and Hoboken's finest.
PA Past Lt. Gov. Jim Cawley
I had the honor of performing twice for The Governor and Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania.
Picking the lucky winner. I sing, dance, tell jokes and even pull 50/50's
Baby's love SINATRA
Two special fans
I have been performing for these two for years. So many friends who share the love for SINATRA'S music.
My annual performance at the SINATRA BIRTHDAY Bash in Cortland N.Y.
Joe Pitts & Mike Huckabee
PA Representative Joe Pitts & Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee were present for a "special" concert for delegates.
I've got my Jack to keep me warm.
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I've got my Jack to keep me warm.